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free stuff to do in london
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This is a community dedicated to the sharing of information on free and fun things to do in London, gigs and galleries essentially, but other random stuff is cool. You may post about events that cost up to £6 if they seem worth it. Self-plugging is positively encouraged! (within reason ;D)

So, the only two three rules are:

because I am permanently broke....

- If it costs more than £6 to get in, we don't want to know.

- You may post flyers, but for the sake of everyone's friends pages make sure they're either small or behind an lj-cut. You can learn how to do cuts here.

and just because I hate e-bitches....

- Play nice! Anyone caught flaming will have their posting rights removed.

[but hopefully things shouldn't come to that]

Anyways, y'all have fun now, ya hear!

besidethesea xx


A Few Helpful(?) Hints -

* Here at Freelondon, we quite often talk about "instores". If you are unfamiliar with trying to skank things off people for free, an instore is a free mini-gig held in a shop where the band will play a set for about half an hour or so then probably sign things for you and talk to the crowd. It's a nice way to get a taster for a band, but by no means a replacement for the real thing.

* Cheapness often means going to obscure teeny-weeny venues. If you've not heard of a venue before, try looking on http://www.ents24.com/web/ - they have an excellent database of a great many venues including address, map, telephone number and nearest public transport, and are pretty reliable for sound information.

* Any bar, club or venue will give you free tap water if you ask for it. Sometimes you even get ice as well! *grin*

* As of September 2006, all bus and tram travel in london will be free for under 18's in full time education. They're also significantly increasing cash fares on all public transport to try and push everyone into getting Oyster cards. For more information on upcoming changes to fares, see here.

* Apparently, there's a very obscure law in the UK that says if you go to a restaurant and are disatisfied with the food or service, you can pay what you believe the meal was worth (say, £1), leave your contact details and an explanatory note, and if the restaurant can be arsed, they are allowed to take you to court for the rest. Go on, I dare you....


and now, because I say so...

Freelondon Officially Approves Of -

Ents24 - about as useful, accurate and comprehensive as the internet gets
Popjustice - for being wittier and more shameless than thou
Stylish Riots - they may be a tad infrequent, but boy are they stylish
KittenPainting - because she's amazing
Young and Lost - since how many of us aren't?
DrownedinSound - great general news/reviews resource
_xfm_ - commercial whores probably, brilliant late night music definitly
desolatelondon - they are the other great london community :D
indie_exchange - awesome music share community for finding new stuff
quiet_thrills - because they are completely unrelated but thoughly thrilling anway.
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